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Residential Propane

Propane can provide whole home energy!

Choosing a home heating system is a tremendous opportunity to save energy while also making your carbon footprint smaller. Residential propane heating systems from WOC Energy give you performance and versatility unlike any other.

residential propane

Central or zone, furnace or boiler — Propane provides the ability to cost-effectively heat your home, whether you live “on” or “off the grid.”

Getting started with WOC Energy is easy. Call today to speak with our knowledgeable staff, we will discuss your needs as a homeowner, provide you options based on those needs, and give you a free estimate on the options best suited for you and your home. Our certified technicians will professionally install your new tank and perform all the necessary safety gas-checks. Plus the first 25′ of outdoor gas line is included with your new system as well.

Above-ground Tanks. An above-ground propane tank is safe, easy to maintain, affordable to install, and can be in place in a matter of hours.

Underground Tanks. An underground propane tank is also safe, easy to maintain, and affordable to install … all while being hidden out of sight. And because propane is nontoxic and insoluble in water, it will not contaminate soil or water if accidentally released.

Home Heating. When compared with other heating sources across the majority of U.S. climate zones, propane shines! Homeowners living in the Northeast who upgrade from a standard-efficiency residential propane furnace to a high efficiency unit (95 AFUE or higher) can expect a one-year payback on their investment. The switch also benefits the environment, reducing a home’s annual CO2 emissions by up to 3.8 metric tons.

Space Heating. Propane zone heaters are ductless and can be used in homes, garages and outbuildings, and they come freestanding or wall-mounted. You can fit these units with thermostats and blowers, providing reliable spot heat even during electrical outages.

Water Heating. Propane tankless water heaters have long been a model of efficiency, with an hourly hot water delivery rate nearly triple that of tank-style electric water heaters. Plus tankless water heaters have an overall life expectancy 50 percent longer than tank-style units. Just as important, using a propane tankless water heater in place of an electric storage water heater can avert up to 3,400 pounds of carbon emissions per year – roughly the same amount of CO2 a mid-size car emits in an 11-week period. For a resident of the Northeast U.S., an investment in a propane tankless water heater will pay for itself in about five years. Even better, propane tankless units deliver nearly three times as much hot water per hour as conventional electric tank water heaters.

Cooking If you aren’t already cooking with gas, you’ll love cooking with propane! You’ll quickly see more precise temperature control and heat delivery than with electricity. Plus there are a wide range of residential propane ovens, stoves and cooktops available today that can integrate well into your existing kitchen…some with energy-saving features that can reduce gas consumption by up to 50%!

Pools & Spas. Propane is an excellent choice to help you enjoy a warm pool and spa experience, regardless of the weather. Propane pool heaters can reduce energy bills, since they warm pools faster than electric units while maintaining heat better in cold conditions.

Clothes Drying. Selecting a propane clothes dryer over an electric one can have a payback of 3 to 6 years. Propane units dry clothes faster than electric dryers, which saves valuable time. Additionally, propane clothes dryers produce a moist heat, which relaxes wrinkles, reduces static cling, and is gentler on fabrics.

If You have any questions about our residential propane services, please contact us.